I love to paint portraits

I love to paint portraits! For as long as I can remember, faces have fascinated me.  As a child, I used to draw imaginary playmates and make up stories about them.  When I was 11, I discovered that I could get a likeness copying a photo.  This was the beginning of my love affair with portraiture.

I saved up my allowance and bought books on how to draw.  Drawing became a favorite pastime for me.  People, horses , and other animals were fun to draw.  Like most girls my age, I was obsessed with horses.  So they were another favorite subject.  I was on my way.

In college, I had a roomate who was very pretty, although not the best artist.  She told me that Disneyland had hired her as a pastel portrait artist. I was confident that if they could hire her, they would certainly hire me.  So I applied, and thus began my 8 year career as a Disneyland portrait artist. Practice makes perfect.  Sketching tousands of faces during that time really built my skills as an artist. 

Today I aam thrilled to be having my own show in “The Artist Studio” gallery in Palos Verdes.  I hope you will come for a visit.  My show will be up through February 19.  


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